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Bear Gutierrez brings powerful visuals to businesses that builds brands and captivates their audience.  Utilizing a creative process built on great preparation, inspiration and life experience we capture the identity and spirit of the organization.



Barry “Bear” Gutierrez is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer based in Denver, Colorado, who has built a business around his talent and reputation in the photography industry.

Bear’s dynamic array of photographic experience includes an advertising campaign for Craig Hospital, shooting a portrait of President Obama in 2008 during his historic election run, along with six other presidents. The 2007 World Series, documenting farm families in the Midwest, a gay rodeo in Colorado, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Princess Diana’s funeral in London, culture in Morocco, and prickly pear cactus farmers in Guadalajara. Gutierrez has traveled to 49 states and 19 countries.

He launched Barry Gutierrez Photography LLC. in 2009. Prior to that he worked as a staff photographer at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver for 10 years after earning a bachelor’s degree in Western Kentucky University’s premier photojournalism program. In 2012 he was published on the front pages on more than 100 newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe.

Gutierrez lives near Denver with his wife, Fairlight, and his seven year-old son, Sol. Photography is his passion—he coaches at workshops, speaks at events, teaches classes, and mentors photographers.