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Visual branding through powerful photography is what we do.

Telling your STory is our business


Bear Gutierrez specializes in creative portraits, advertising, marketing and commercial photography.
We excel at producing creative portraiture, capturing moments, and deftly solving
problems for clients. Images with impact are the result of streamlined collaborative planning,
experienced photography, photo direction, strategic lighting, and expert digital postproduction.
Our projects are customized to meet your team’s goals, timeline and budget.

Bear’s Signature portrait Process


Every face tells a story and every soul has a journey. My mission is to capture a mere reflection of that soul. I use lighting and composition techniques that have inspired me in my documentary work. Environment often plays a direct role in one’s personality and is often an extension of their inner being who they truly are. I use my twenty-plus years of photographic experience to determine how someone should be lit and where they should be photographed. At times, it’s better for someone to be photographed in comfortable surroundings, and in others, people are so guarded that they must be brought out of their element to capture their essence. Creativity is the result of great preparation, inspiration, and life experience. The end result is to skillfully maneuver through a subject’s personality to delicately reveal a portion of their soul at the instant I release the shutter. 

Craig Hospital and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barry Gutierrez created the Redefining Possible portrait series to showcase the power of the human spirit. The Redefining Possible portrait series is an online and in-person photography exhibition that examines the lives of people who are reshaping their futures after a traumatic event. Redefining Possible features twelve portraits of people with spinal cord and brain injury. They are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, firefighters, army veterans, scientists, athletes, and activists, but most of all they are people.