The Creative


Creative portraiture is not a science, it's one part vision, one part light and one part soul. Gutierrez has a unique vision and uses dramatic light to capture a part of the soul. His portraits are powerful and story-telling. With the clients  mission in mind, Gutierrez brings great life experience and creativity to the table. Capturing portraits from the studio to the ends of the earth Gutierrez will help you capture your vision.

The Executive


Executive portraits are extremely important to convey professionalism, trustworthiness and approachability. Your staff image is of utmost importance. We provide every type of portrait from formal corporate head shots to more relaxed business profiles used on Linkedin, Facebook and Aboutme.com. We will set up a complete studio in or near your office for your convenience.

The Photojournalist


Great portraits are a gift from the subject.  As a photojournalist I am in the business of capturing the truth. Portraiture gives me the ability to get creative. To let my inner juices flow. I love people. I always have. So portraiture comes naturally to me. I let people shine and try to bring out their inner glow.  Some are more resistant than others, but eventually I capture a piece of their soul. Or at least what they gift me.